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Fly Timber Land

Land We Buy

We purchase land to harvest hardwood and pine sustainably and responsibly.

Land For Lease

We lease land for hunting and other outdoor activities.

Land For Sale

We sell land for residential development and recreational purposes.

Land We Buy

Sustainable management of land throughout Northern Mississippi requires knowledge of hardwood tracts and timber.  Fly Timber purchases land and timber and manages that effort so that your land is responsibly harvested for hardwood and pine. 

Contact us to learn more about selling land or discussing harvesting of your hardwood and pine on your land.

Land For Lease

Are you an avid outdoorsman seeking land to lease for hunting or general outdoor enjoyment? 

Fly Timber offers land to lease annually for hunting and outdoor recreation purposes.  Leases run from September 1 – August 31 and costs $6.50 per acre (subject to change).  All lessees must carry liability insurance and list Fly Timber Company, Inc. as the certificate holder.

We offer annual renewal leases to our current lessees prior to extending to others.

At this time, all lease options are full. You may put in a request for land lease by contacting us. Leases that are not renewed come available on September 1st.

Land For Sale

For more information or to view the available sites, please call Josh Angle at 662-226-2276 or email here.