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Fly Timber Chooses Mellott As Partner For Mill Expansion

Fly Timber has always moved with the markets. In an effort to optimize and modernize our operations, we made the decision to build a state-of-the art hardwood sawmill to replace three smaller mills we were running

To best serve our markets and enable expansion with those markets, Fly Timber required a mill that would efficiently produce a wide variety of products.  With this expansion, Fly Timber would produce cross ties, long timbers, crane mat material as well as hardwood grade lumber.  A mill with this flexibility would produce what the hardwood lumber market needed and operate with maximum value and least waste for our customers.

During this expansion, our planning demanded excellent machinery partners.  Our selection of Mellott Manufacturing provided us with the best overall solution.

Fly Timber’s log and lumber conveyors, Rosserhead debarkers, log turners, lumber stackers and material handling equipment are the best in the business.  Fly chose Mellott for their rugged built Rosserhead debarker, stand-alone decks and complete systems.  Partnerships are important, and our mill expansion was complex, highly engineered, and needed to meet our specs exactly. 

Our selection of Mellott enabled us to provide exactly what our market needed.  Fly can best serve its market with a customized Mellott LMR 48” Heavy Duty Debarker, Mellott Log Haul trough, Mellott log decks, slab conveyors and a custom built tie lifting system, lumber decks, and rollcases.

Fly Timber is leading our market and partnership with our team means that our clients get superior products.  A quick video of our new mill demonstrates that leadership.

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